Saturday, September 26, 2009

HORNY ART DUDE self-portraits by Walt Cessna FL 09

I did these naughty series of self portraits 3 months into a 4 month bout of pneumonia & pleurisy where after a constant series of hospital stayz, major ammounts of anti-biotics and stupendous supplies of pain-killers & mood suppressents I had lost an incredible 30 lbs and was at the age of 45 wearing my 16 year old size 30 jean. This was the first time I took a bunch of pictures in over 2 months, I had literally been too weak to do anthing but blog and watch bad cable made all the beter from the ooze of Percocet that flowed over, through and around my brain. So I did these pics for my bud Billy at and now i'm debuting them on my blog. They are very inspired by how pent up and frustrated and newly horny I was feeling. I hadn't seen my BF Will at the time for almost 5 months and was extremely fukt up and fiercely frustrated by his abscence.

Self Portraits PA 05 FL 09 by WALT CESSNA

DOMINIC CLOUTIER of INBRED/HYBRID Collective photographed by Walt Cessna NYC 09

THY WILL BE DONE 2 photographs of Will by Walt Cessna