Thursday, January 7, 2010

A CRY FOR A SMILE text & photos by Walt Cessna NYC 1-10

once in a while

a cry for a smile

now and then

I beg for a friend

but you and me

too much history

the best thing can only be

that you actually keep running after me

so once in a while

a cry for a smile

for i wouldn’t dare

trade one of these days

cause you’ve been gone before

and i dread that malaise

i need your soothing, subtle and fierce effect on me

not forever, eternally

and now and then

as i’ve come to know you

more than a friend

some kind of warrior

that’s the biggest surprise

no more surprises, no more lies

so once in a while

a cry for a smile

allow me to crack your untouchable shell

why do you always feel like drowning in your own personal hell

if i make it seem easy

it’s only cause you look at everything so hard

but when i get you to smile

it simply breaks my heart

so once in while

a cry for a smile

i’ll sacrafice me

to be your’s superficially

to be your correct in effect and fierce loving daddy

your all around best friend

I’ll suck your fingertips and lick your tears

and stay with you till the end

so if you can’t do it for you

and still refuse to do it for me

then at least give me one more chance

even if i try unsuccessfully

so once in a while

before we must part

a cry for a smile

a cry caught in my heart

i shall love you always

even though we knew it was never meant to be

because i’ve been loving you

while you’ve been killing me

but i’ll always remember the springtime

and i’ll always despise the fall

knowing that you’d leave me

when first i got your call

and once in a while

i’ll cry for your smile

Sunday, January 3, 2010

SUNDROID YOUTH photographs by Walt Cessna NYC 1-10

I was free till you met me- now i'm lost, in you're eternity, my love for you, so blind and daft, my only chance, counter attack- looking, longing, lost so sad, truth behold, the times were rad- searching, seeking, finding plath, diseased destruction, decadencence daft