Sunday, August 1, 2010

TECHDECO MUSES text & photos by Walt Cessna

Boys, boy everywhere. Skinny jeans, assymetric hair. Some taste sweet, some turn sour. Some will charge you by the hour. Summer heat, ushers in skin, unbridled passion, intimate sin. Lovers aplenty, friends a few, boyfriends unnecessary, sweat like dew. Eatting out of the hand that feeds you, not really a crime, as long as you give as good as you take and learn to take your time. Lingering kisses, long hard gropes, lost in a backroom, exes a ghost. Use me up, spit me out and don't stop till your spent. Cause when i wake up tomorrow, all i have on my mind is next months rent.
NYC 09-10

TECHDECO MUSES (a title coined by my good friend and recent collaborater TOON MONK) is the working title of my next book dedicated to the dudes for the dudes and the ladies who lurv the dudes. Art directed by Frank Gargiulo who also did my last book FUKT 2 START WIT, MUSES should be available by X-mas 2010 at