Saturday, December 19, 2009

SAN FRAN DISCO DIARYZ text & photos by Walt Cessna 8-08

We threw caution to the wind and checked our inhibitions at the door, looking for something fresh and hopefully unknown, adventures we yearned for, our decadence indulged, tripping down the runway of life, our desires never lulled. The city speads itself wide open and we take a giant leap within, soaking in the colors, climbing on a limb, trading barbs with strangers, a few I already knew, stepping into danger, desicions I rue, another set of playmates, lined up and set to go, exausting all your possibilities, playing it up just so.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Photographs by Walt Cessna, Bronx NY 09

Met this dude on the street one night. Caught him taking a piss and couldn't help but notice his cock. Asked him what he was up to and as he flashed his dick at me, said "no good, as usual". So I convinced him to come back up to my apartment in the Bronx and to my surprise we were riding the 2 train within minutes. When we got to my place he said he wanted to show me his new jock strap and then he put on a nice little show. I'll always remember the boy in the Firebird t-shirt.

Walt Cessnsa Illustrated By Allen Todd Yeager NYC 11-09

SUNRISE ON SATURN text & pics by Walt Cessna

Rock divine, blow my mind, never mind, i'm way behind, but coming fast, and moving strong, i take the lead, i search the unknown, will you come, and dance with me, trip the light fantastic, for the moment and not eternity, and remember those things, that bring a smile, cause you know I miss ya, my lil honey child.