Thursday, December 3, 2009

BUTCHERED DESIGNS by RICHARD OLIVA photographs by Walt Cessna NYC 12-09

IN RICHARD'S OWN WORDS: I'm a Punk kid who finally embraced who and what I was, so I shedded the corporate look, style and life I had. Now I found my life, my love and my art by Butchering up clothes into a recycled funtion or art and style. I take the Mass produced proccessed clothes, strip the fat and ugly pieces to make it better then it originally was farmed to people. Many of my pieces I bought for the graphic, slicing them from the ugly shirt or hoodie they were wasted on and reforming them onto a better jacket, pants or something else. Many times these items sit waiting for me to find the right item to remake them, give them a life or in some cases I malke them into a piece of unigue art that you can actually wear and reflects the wearer as well.

I am just launching Butchered Designs so thing are litterally beginning for me. Right now I am on Facebook and Flickr and I am reachable at A website along with several new items will be launched on January 8th 2010. The items currently on Facebook and Flickr can be bought by contacting me and we can proceed from there, prices will be listed on all items by December 15th 2009.