Saturday, August 8, 2009


Photographs of Will by Walt Cessna


dina said...

I recieved your work on my facebook which is great because some of it really appeals to me as an artist. But, some not and it could be, because I am a woman. I feel your subject is too one sided.Is that the point? It is reminicent of harmony korine somehow, some person out of one of his movies and maybe you hit your mark. I would just like too see this subject doing something other than sex. Honestly your portraits of him are great;I just got tired of all the sexually charged pieces. I have never written on a blogspot before so this must tell you something. I am an artist and photographer..photographer but not to the extent you are so this is just opinion. Keep working and would love to see more, different stuff.

Christopher Stribley said...

This is a very solid and striking collection which I'm sure is just the tip of a dazzling iceberg. Looking forward to getting into this.