Thursday, October 8, 2009


I guess it's Ok to show full frontal nudity (male & female), booty shots and assorted other sexual sundry, but a "paparazzi inspired" blow-job pic just rubbed the powers that be at Fbook the wrong way. Go fuckin figure.

Photo by Walt Cessna FLA 06

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Lily Strange said...

You're in good company. B movie queen and funny woman Jewel Shepherd's profile photos get her in trouble with FB all the time.
The thing that always gets my goat is the fact that they get up in arms about harmless nudity but will allow the most vile gore. Jewel has a whole album on her profile to prove this. Real pictures of dead people from wars and the like. They never go after her about these, but they go after her for a picture where she was holding cupcakes in front of her breasts. Go figure.