Monday, April 28, 2014

So I'm 4 days away from the end and halfway towards my goal of raising the printing costs of my new magazine VACZINE through crowd sourced fundraising. Instead of selling regular advertising, we gave away free pages to up & coming designers, galleries & artists like Claire Fleury, Emily Payne of Leather Tongue, Kyle Brincefield of STUDmuffin NYC, Kristie Hansen Artist, Basil Racuk, Deborah Marquit, & Munch Gallery. This means I'm pretty much paying the printing cost almost entirely. So I super appreciate & love all my Indiegogo contributors so far ; Ari Rosenbaum, Amie Deutch, Clint Catalyst, Inkdmotorider, Richard Rick Osterholm, Kim Harle, Gazelle Paulo, Carlos D. Aguilar, Matt V, Jerrod Mabry, Damon L. Jacobs, Steve Yon, Paul Bridgstock, Michael Donnoe, John Hanning, Franz Werner, John Eder, Luka Fisher, Peter Baldwin, Susan Anton Ⓥ, Basil Racuk, Paul Festa, Michael Leva, H3931, Thomas Giebel, Joy Cessna Schumacher, Anonymous 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 & especially Liza-Mae Carlin who has kept her eye on me in a variety of healing & watchful ways. If you would care to contribute towards VACZINE's fundraising campaign click the link below for more info. I'm still $2500 short & I'm not giving up yet. There are several cool perks available, as well as the smug satisfaction of helping to keep indie publishing alive. Please help me make this dream into a reality & thank you for keeping it correct. - XXWC Self-Portrait by Gregory Moon for VACZINE #1

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