Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FUKT 2 START WITH photographs by WALT CESSNA Feb. 19th 6-10 @ LIVE FAST

This is a sneak-peek at my upcoming show & hardcover photo book FUKT 2 START WIT. A mix of portraits featuring downtowns current cast of divas, drama queens, burlesque goddesses, performance artists, fellow creatives souls and a coupla all around cool kids on the beat. Scooter La Forge, Darlinda, Sequinette Jaynesfield, Nicholas Gorham, Muffinhead, Farrad, Johnny Nickson, Angelo Tursi, Lindsey Salerno, Sheba Legend, Ethan Shoshan, Dominic Cloutier, Will Spangenberg, Solomon Eversole, Peaches Velour, Christopher Stribley, Paul E Alexander, Max Steele, Joe Birdsong, Giselle Xtraveganza, Keef Cake, Mahogany, Candi Shell and a few more correct characters from the runway known as life. Book is available to order on blurb.com same day as the show @ LIVE FAST 57 Clinton St. http://livefastnyc.com February 19th from 6-10 pm. Limited edition t-shirts of my photos and posters will also be available. Beverages will be supplied (yet still to be decided upon lol)
Thanks for all your support and please come out and check out my shiz- xxWalt Cessna