Tuesday, January 12, 2010

THE CROTCHLESS STATE OF MY LIFE photographs & text by Walt Cessna NYC 1-10

Days go past as if a blur, the TV drones, wendy williams a visual slur
rockets flash past and celebrities die, i wait for your calls, or at least a good-bye
eatting mounds of my own flesh, slipping distant, press refresh
believing or at least pretending, that I still do, lost in my own hysterical mis-conclusion, not knowing where you are or even who
stalling for salvation, leaving crumbs upon my plate, your loss is my decision, your love my only bait,
and each time that i take it, i lose another shred of me, knowing you'll be in anothers arms as I myself deceive.

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Schweigsame said...

The boy is GORGEOUS!!! Not just the obvious adorable outside, there is also such an air of potential and depth that radiates from these photos. He is one of the blessed ones.