Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Our love seems to go in circles...

...that only ever rarely connect, about to draw to a close
When events become circumspect,
But time heals our wounds, as our love only deepens,
throwing caution to the wind, instead of spending each second weeping
I hold him closer than I possibly can, praying for a day when we are together,
And I can live solely, happily with my man
But for now we use the distance, and excuse of our work
To keep things in check, to keep from acting like jerks
And every-time we meet, it only get more serious
My love for him, intensifies, almost furious
So we throw ourselves into the passion, escaping from the dullness of our daze
Knowing full well there will come a time, when we must account for our ways
But I’ve begun to make the move, to change my life, DIE or improve
Sifting thru the rubble of our past, taking the bad, embracing the good
Remembering what it is we first saw in each other, our love shall surely last
So as i embark on this journey, as alone and scary it may seem
I know that you will help me get thru, not by myself
But the two of us, as a team.

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