Tuesday, September 25, 2007

If there really is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow....

I know that bullshit, but it sure paints a pretty picture. I've been seeing alot of rainbows lately and trying my hardest not to read anything into it. My life is so NOT paved with gold lately- but things seem to be changing- I sold 4 prints from my last show yesterday- interesting and fierce because the show closed in June and it was a bust. But this cool lawyer lady just contacted me and asked if I could sell her X-tra large prints of her favorite 3 choices even the show was over. BUT of course, honey- made my day. Nothing like validation for a struggling, starving, super-imposed artist on the make. I'm still stuck in Fl. chilling with my ma as recuperates from surgery and trying my best not to let my family drama get the best of me. The boyfriend is still in the picture, but I have a feeling he's getting over it- as am I- I'm so conditioned to everything being fucked up that my trust levels are at an all time low. I wish that I could find some sort of stability, but I've come to realize that my most normal, natural state is that od a tornado doing a tango with a hurricaine high on special k while gliding across a ballroom floor of disco balls covered in Crisco and lube. Yes, I'm a mess, but slowly, definitely not surely I'm trying to find a way to balance it all without killing myself in the process. Sounds like fun...NOT.

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